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Karl Chandler.

Karl Chandler
 is a Maryborough-born, Melbourne based stand-up comedian. He is the co-host of The Little Dum Dum Club alongside fellow comic Tommy Dassalo. He is also the titular voice of the recurring radio play within the podcast, Rad Dad.

At the beginning of every show since the opening episode, Karl has been introduced by Tommy as the co-host or "the other half of the show." Chandler responds with one of the show's catch-phrases: "G'day dickhead!"

Chandler is also a comedy promoter and event organiser within Melbourne. He runs two separate nights of comedy each week. On Monday, he runs Comedy At Spleen with Steele Saunders. On Thursdays, Karl runs comedy at the European Bier Cafe (and previously at Five Boroughs and the Portland Hotel). Before it shut down, Karl also helped in running Wednesday nights at Softbelly.

Karl has been a part of every episode to date, only turning up late once - in epsiode 32, with Jackass star Steve-O.

Common topics for Karl's discussion include his hometown of Maryborough, the resident crazy of Maryborough, Sunshine Johnson, his wife [redacted], his fitness regime and back-and-forth insults with Tommy. Chandler has also discussed at length the individuals that have called and texted him since Tommy put out Karl's phone number (0438...) as a means of revenge on the 109th episode of the podcast.

In 2015, Tommy's Wikipedia entry was updated anonymously to indicate that Karl had died; which was quickly revealed to be a hoax. The Twitter hashtag #RIPKarlChandler saw various friends of the show as well as fans sending in "tributes." Karl read out several of the tweets on the show's 225th episode.

Appearances On Other Podcasts Edit

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Good Ol' Days Edit

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In Joke Edit

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The Thing Committee Edit

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You Beauty! Edit

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