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The Little Dum Dum Club - Tommy Dassalo (top) and Karl Chandler

The following is a complete list of the guests that have appeared on The Little Dum Dum Club.
  1. Nick Cody
  2. Harley Breen
  3. Justin Hamilton
  4. Dave Thornton
  5. Lawrence Mooney
  6. Tom Ballard
  7. Geraldine Hickey
  8. Celia Pacquola
  9. Xavier Michelides and Nick Cody
  10. Luke McGregor
  11. Oliver Clark
  12. David Quirk
  13. Lehmo
  14. Tom Gleeson
  15. Dave O'Neil
  16. Greg Fleet
  17. Peter Helliar
  18. Eddie Perfect
  19. Kate McLennan
  20. Josh Earl
  21. Ryan Shelton
  22. Dave Callan
  23. Bart Freebairn
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    Nick Cody - the original "friend of the show."

    Paul F. Tompkins
  25. First live episode - Felicity Ward, Wil Anderson, Hannibal Buress (Melbourne)
  26. Marc Maron
  27. Matt Braunger
  28. Daniel Townes
  29. Glenn Robbins
  30. John Safran
  31. Tommy Dassalo and Karl Chandler (first guestless episode)
  32. Steve-O
  33. Anyone for Tennis?
  34. Nick Maxwell
  35. Denise Scott
  36. Tommy Little
  37. Lawrence Leung
  38. "Weird Al" Yankovic (phone interview)
  39. Steele Saunders and Pete Sharkey
  40. Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope
  41. Adam Richard
  42. Yumi Stynes
  43. Declan Fay
  44. "George Benson" (second guestless episode)
  45. Danny McGinlay
  46. Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudekis (red carpet interviews)
  47. Adam Rozenbachs
  48. Shaun Micallef (the "lost" episode)
  49. Alan Brough
  50. Luke2-1-

    Luke McGregor.

    Lawrence Mooney and Xavier Michelides
  51. Jane Allsop
  52. Heath Franklin
  53. Celia Pacquola and Toby Truslove
  54. Paul F. Tompkins
  55. Matt Besser
  56. Scott Aukerman
  57. Luke McGregor and Nick Cody
  58. "The Americas" (third guestless episode)
  59. Ronny Chieng and Josh Earl
  60. Steven Gates
  61. Dave O'Neil and David Quirk
  62. Second live episode - Virginia Gay, Nick Cody, Greg Fleet, Luke McGregor and Anyone for Tennis? (Melbourne)
  63. Bart Freebairn and Ben Lomas
  64. Tom Ballard and Anne Edmonds
  65. Jeff Stilson
  66. Michael Chamberlin and Harley Breen
  67. Sammy J
  68. Dave Thornton and Jimmy James Eaton
  69. Peter Warsaw and Jeff Kiev (fourth guestless episode)
  70. Ryan Shelton and Peter Helliar
  71. Gordon Southern
  72. Josh Lawson
  73. Mick Molloy
  74. Fiona O'Loughlin
  75. Cal Wilson
  76. Tommy Little and Xavier Michelides
  77. Charlie Pickering
  78. Des Bishop
  79. Kyle Kinane
  80. Dave Anthony
  81. Sam Simmons
  82. Charlie Murphy and Jim Breuer (separate interviews)
  83. Rove McManus
  84. Third live episode - Kumali Nanjiani, John Safran, Luke McGregor and Anyone for Tennis?* (Melbourne)
  85. Adam Zwar
  86. Ronny Chieng and Sean Lynch
  87. Greg Fleet and Bart Freebairn
  88. Mel Buttle
  89. Nick Cody and Anne Edmonds
  90. Corinne Grant
  91. Adam Rozenbachs & Danny McGinlay
  92. Lehmo & Michael Chamberlin
  93. Dan Ilic
  94. Fourth live episode - Andrew Denton, Larry Emdur, Scott Dooley, Wil Anderson, Luke McGregor and Dan Ilic (Sydney)
  95. Josh Earl and Tegan Higginbotham
  96. Luke McGregor and Geraldine Hickey
  97. Sam Pang
  98. Tommy Dassalo (fifth guestless episode)
  99. Lawrence Mooney and Kate McLennan
  100. Fifth live episode - Yumi Stynes, Dave Thornton, Luke McGregor and Nick Cody (Melbourne)
  101. Eddie Ifft
  102. Harley Breen and Tom Ballard
  103. The Nelson Twins
  104. Xavier Michelides and Tom Gleeson
  105. Dave O'Neil and Pete Sharkey
  106. Tim and Eric
  107. Josh Thomas
  108. Luke McGregor
  109. Bart Freebairn and David Quirk

    Lawrence Mooney

  110. Adam Hills
  111. Wil Anderson
  112. Roadtrip Part 1: New York and New Orleans (sixth guestless episode)
  113. Roadtrip Part 2: Austin, Chandler and Las Vegas (featuring Nick Cody)
  114. Sixth live episode - Matt Besser, Dave Anthony, Armen Weitzman and Nick Cody (Los Angeles)
  115. Scott Aukerman and Nick Cody
  116. Kyle Kinane and Nick Cody
  117. Ronny Chieng and Danny McGinlay
  118. Tony Moclair
  119. Sammy J
  120. Eddie Perfect and Josh Earl
  121. Claire Hooper and Xavier Michelides
  122. Dave Hughes
  123. Brendon Burns
  124. Tommy Little and Karl Woodberry
  125. Felicity Ward and David Quirk
  126. Adam Richard and Dan Ilic
  127. Charlie Pickering and Justin Hamilton
  128. Seventh live episode - Stephen K. Amos, Ronny Chieng and Luke McGregor (Brisbane)
  129. Mel Buttle and Luke McGregor
  130. Hannah Gadsby
  131. Tony Martin and Greg Fleet
  132. Mike Birbiglia
  133. Eighth live episode - Pete Holmes, Eddie Pepitone and Dave O'Neil (Melbourne)
  134. Ninth live episode - Tom Gleeson, Luke McGregor and Nick Cody (Melbourne)
  135. Tenth live episode - James Adomian, Sam Simmons and Bart Freebairn (Melbourne)
  136. Eleventh live episode - Wil Anderson, Tom Ballard, Daniel Sloss and "Luke McGregor" (Sydney)
  137. Dave Thornton
  138. Twelfth live episode - Nick Cody, Luke McGregor, Xavier Michelides and Kerryn Cody (Melbourne)
  139. Lawrence Mooney and David Quirk
  140. Alex Williamson
  141. Peter Helliar and Ben Lomas
  142. Judith Lucy and Denise Scott
  143. Celia Pacquola and Josh Earl (bonus guest sitting in on the episode - brooza!)
  144. Tim Minchin
  145. Scott Dooley and Harley Breen
  146. Frank Woodley
  147. Ronny Chieng and Karl Woodberry
  148. Luke McGregor and Michael Hing
  149. Nick Cody and Dilruk Jayasinha
  150. Dave O'Neil and Danny McGinlay
  151. Adam Rozenbachs and Anne Edmonds
  152. Geraldine Hickey and Xavier Michelides
  153. Tommy Little and Mel Buttle
  154. Lehmo and Jason Chatfield
  155. Nick Cody and Bart Freebairn
  156. Tom Gleeson and Justin Hamilton
  157. Dave Callan and Josh Earl
  158. DilrukJayasinha2015

    Dilruk Jayasinha

    Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee
  159. John Safran and Ronny Chieng
  160. Rad Dad and Jenny (seventh guestless episode)
  161. Fiona O'Loughlin and Joel Creasey
  162. Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell
  163. Danny McGinlay and Greg Larsen
  164. Hamish Blake
  165. Claire Hooper and Rhys Nicholson
  166. Tom Ballard and Harley Breen
  167. Anne Edmonds and Michael Chamberlin
  168. Brendon Walsh and Nick Cody
  169. Charlie Pickering and Celia Pacquola
  170. Sam Mac
  171. Lawrence Mooney and Luke McGregor
  172. Ben Lomas and Karl Woodberry
  173. Josh Earl and Ella Hooper
  174. Lehmo and Ronny Chieng
  175. Tommy Little and Anne Edmonds
  176. Dave Thornton and Dilruk Jayasinha
  177. Oliver Clark and Danny McGinlay
  178. Adam Richard and Brad Oakes
  179. Thirteenth live episode - Fiona O'Loughlin, Tom Ballard and Nick Cody (Brisbane)
  180. Jimeoin
  181. Paul Foot and Michael Hing
  182. Fourteenth live episode - Kyle Kinane, Lawrence Mooney and Charlie Pickering (Melbourne)
  183. Fifteenth live episode - David O'Doherty, Ronny Chieng, Scott Dooley, Josh Earl and Jason English (Melbourne)
  184. Sixteenth live episode - Peter Helliar, Bart Freebairn, Ian Bagg and Xavier Michelides (Melbourne)
  185. Seventeenth live episode - Greg Behrendt, Dave Thornton and Luke McGregor
  186. Wil Anderson and Chas Licciardello
  187. Dave O'Neil and Dilruk Jayasinha
  188. Eighteenth live episode - Ronnie Chieng, Myf Warhurst and Sam Mac (Sydney)
  189. Shaun Miccallef and Josh Earl
  190. David Quirk and Greg Larsen
  191. Harley Breen and Karl Woodberry
  192. Celia Pacquola and Geraldine Hickey
  193. Josh Thomas and Cal Wilson

    Dave Thornton

  194. Joel Creasey and Rhys Nicholson
  195. Anne Edmonds and Nick Cody
  196. Ben Lomas and Demi Lardner
  197. Dave Thornton and Asher Treleaven
  198. Charlie Pickering and Danny McGinlay
  199. Allday and Josh Earl
  200. Nineteenth live episode - Claire Hooper, Ronnie Chieng, Anne Edmonds, Harley Breen and Oliver Clark (Melbourne)
  201. Twentieth live episode - Dilruk Jayasinha, Ben Lomas and Bart Freebairn (Adelaide)
  202. Nazeem Hussain and Greg Larsen
  203. Dilruk Jayasinha and Ben Lomas
  204. Lawrence Mooney and Fiona O'Loughlin
  205. Nick Cody and Karl Woodberry
  206. Luke McGregor and David Quirk
  207. Josh Lawson and Adam Zwar
  208. Rob Sitch and Lehmo
  209. Peter Helliar and Adam Rozenbachs
  210. Harley Breen and Oliver Clark
  211. Tom Gleeson and Adam Richard
  212. Ronny Chieng and Demi Lardner
  213. Greg Fleet and Xavier Michelides
  214. Twenty-first live episode - Luke McGregor, Anne Edmonds and Mike Goldstein
  215. Chris Wainhouse and Bart Freebairn
  216. Fiona O'Loughlin and Lawrence Mooney
  217. Twenty-second live episode - Scott Dooley, Chas Licciardello and Ray Badran (Sydney)
  218. Twenty-third live episode - Joel Creasey, Ronnie Chieng, Luke McGregor, Nick Cody, Dilruk Jayasinha, Greg Larsen, Jason English and Oliver Clark (Melbourne)
  219. HG Nelson and Tom Ballard
  220. Tommy Little and Adam Rozenbachs
  221. Danny McGinlay and Karl Woodberry
  222. Yumi Stynes and Celia Pacquola
  223. Wil Anderson and Lehmo
  224. Claire Hooper and Justin Hamilton
  225. Nazeem Hussain and Dilruk Jayasinha
  226. Bill Burr and Ronny Chieng
  227. Eddie Perfect and Anne Edmonds
  228. Lawrence Mooney and Fiona O'Loughlin
  229. Lawrence Leung and Greg Larsen
  230. Twenty-fourth live episode - Matt Okine, Ed Kavalee, Ronny Chieng and Greg Larsen (Brisbane)
  231. John Safran and Xavier Michelides
  232. Twenty-fifth live episode - Tom Gleeson, Fiona O'Loughlin, Claire Hooper and Dilruk Jayasinha (Adelaide)**
  233. Tony Martin and Bob Franklin
  234. Twenty-sixth live episode - Ronny Chieng, Fiona O'Loughlin and Josh Earl (Melbourne)
  235. Twenty-seventh live episode - Dave Hughes, Dave Thornton, Dave O'Neil and Nick Cody (Melbourne)
  236. Twenty-eighth live episode - Dave Anthony, Celia Pacquola, Nazeem Hussein, Dilruk Jayasinha and Gareth Reynolds (Melbourne)
  237. Twenty-ninth live episode - Hamish Blake, Wil Anderson and Adam Hills (Melbourne)
  238. Alex Edelman and Tom Ballard
  239. Bart Freebairn and Demi Lardner
  240. Daniel Sloss and Dilruk Jayasinha
  241. Adam Richard and Karl Woodberry
  242. Meshel Laurie and Danny McGinlay
  243. Breen

    Harley Breen

    Lawrence Mooney and Fiona O'Loughlin
  244. Anne Edmonds and Ben Lomas
  245. Dave Thornton and Tommy Little
  246. Tom Gleeson and Adam Rozenbachs
  247. Ronny Chieng and Nick Cody
  248. George McEnroe and Harley Breen
  249. Santo Cilauro and Sam Pang
  250. Thirtieth live episode - Dave Thornton, Tom Ballard, Anne Edmonds, Demi Lardner, Xavier Michelides and Greg Larsen (Melbourne)
  251. Dilruk Jayasinha and Josh Earl
  252. Lehmo and Celia Pacquola
  253. Greg Fleet and Mike Goldstein
  254. Dave O'Neil and Geraldine Hickey
  255. Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds
  256. Sammy J and Randy
  257. Joe Mande and Bart Freebairn
  258. Thirty-first live episode - Lawrence Mooney, Fiona O'Loughlin, Harley Breen and Dilruk Jayasinha (Melbourne)
  259. Adam Richard and Harley Breen
  260. Tom Ballard and Danny McGinlay
  261. Andy Lee and Peter Helliar
  262. Nazeem Hussain and David Quirk
  263. Thirty-second live episode - Dilruk Jayasinha, Dave Callan, Josh Earl and Xavier Michelides (Perth)
  264. Aunty Donna
  265. Ronny Chieng and Anne Edmonds
  266. Michael Hing and Becky Lucas
  267. Thirty-third live episode - Nick Cody, Fiona O'Loughlin, Demi Lardner and Xavier Michelides (Adelaide)
  268. Thirty-forth live episode - Brendan Cowell, Ray Badran and Dilruk Jayasinha (Sydney)
  269. Thirty-fifth live episode - Dr Karl, Adam Richard and Dilruk Jayasinha (Sydney)
  270. Thirty-sixth live episode - Joel Creasey, Anne Edmonds, Dilruk Jayasinha, Demi Lardner, Josh Earl and Geraldine Hickey (Melbourne)
  271. Tom Ballard and Rhys Nicholson
  272. Harley Breen and Ben Lomas
  273. Greg Fleet and Chris Wainhouse
  274. Ronny Chieng and Bart Freebairn
  275. Lawrence Mooney and Xavier Michelides
  276. Hannah Gadsby and David Quirk
  277. Thirty-seventh live episode - Nick Cody, Danny McGinlay, Greg Larsen, and Xavier Michelides (Ballarat)
  278. Allday and Demi Lardner
  279. Tony Martin and Dave O'Neil
  280. Thirty-eighth live episode - Lawrence Mooney, Tommy Little, Tom Ballard, and Fiona O'Loughlin (Adelaide)
  281. Nazeem Hussain and Claire Hooper
  282. Nick Cody and Dilruk Jayasinha

    Anne Edmonds

  283. Dave Hughes and Ben Lomas (with Tom Ballard)
  284. Dave Thornton and Joel Creasey
  285. Thirty-ninth live episode - Wil Anderson, Nick Cody, David Quirk and Greg Larsen (Brisbane)
  286. Fortieth live episode - Tom Gleeson, Adam Richard and Anne Edmonds (Brisbane)
  287. Forty-first live episode - Ronny Chieng, Daniel Sloss, Dilruk Jayasinha and Sam Dastyari (Melbourne)
  288. Forty-second live episode - Hamish Blake, Nazeem Hussain, Dilruk Jayasinha, Josh Earl and Greg Larsen (Melbourne)
  289. Forty-third live episode - David O'Doherty, Dave Anthony, Nick Cody and Bart Freebairn (Melbourne)
  290. Forty-forth live episode - Wil Anderson, Kyle Kinane, Anne Edmonds and Greg Larsen (Melbourne)
  291. Becky Lucas and Josh Earl
  292. Sam Mac and Adam Knox
  293. Dave Callan and Oliver Clark
  294. Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney
  295. Lawrence Mooney and Marty Sheargold
  296. Lachy Hulme and Ed Kavalee
  297. Charlie Pickering and Demi Lardner
  298. Ronny Chieng and Harley Breen
  299. Dave Thornton and Nick Cody
  300. Forty-fifth live episode - Tom Ballard, Dilruk Jayasinha, Demi Lardner, Dave Thornton, Dave O'Neil, Adam Richard, Danny McGinlay, Lehmo, Adam Rozenbachs, and Nick Cody (Melbourne)
  301. Forty-sixth live episode - Ryan "Fitzy" Fitzgerald, Harley Breen, and Ray Badran (Sydney)
  302. Forty-seventh live episode - Wil Anderson, Adam Richard, and Becky Lucas (Sydney)
  303. Forty-eighth live episode - Wil Anderson, Aunty Donna, Tom Ballard, and Dilruk Jayasinha (Splendour in the Grass)
  304. Forty-ninth live episode - Senator Sam Dastyari, Dilruk Jayasinha and Adam Knox (Canberra)
  305. Danny McGinlay and Peter Jones
  306. Grant Denyer and Harley Breen
  307. Denise Scott and Gen Fricker
  308. Scott Aukerman and Celia Pacquola
  309. Paul F. Tompkins and Demi Lardner
  310. Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds
  311. Dave O'Neil and Ben Lomas
  312. Anne Edmonds and Bart Freebairn
  313. Tiffiny Hall and Dilruk Jayasinha (with Ed Kavalee)
  314. Fiftieth live episode - Tom Ballard. Nick Cody and Adam Richard (Adelaide)
  315. Tom Tilley and Dave Thornton
  316. Tom Gleeson and Nick Capper
  317. Lawrence Mooney and Fiona O'Loughlin
  318. Shaun Micallef and Ben Lomas
  319. Fifty-first live episode - Greg Fleet, Becky Lucas and Dilruk Jayasinha (Perth)
  320. Fifty-second live episode - Tom Ballard, Dilruk Jayasinha and Adam Knox (Melbourne)
* Also released this week were two other live recordings, although not official episodes of the show. Guests included Tony Martin, Celia Pacquola, Dave Thornton, Andrew O'Keefe, Dave O'Neil, Xavier Michelides, Luke McGregor and Anyone for Tennis?Edit
**This was followed by a recording of highlights of the Adelaide Drunkcast Edit
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